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Biodiesel: Market Data

NBB’s Production Graph (Oct ’08) - Annual biodiesel production in the U.S. from 2000 to 2008, where it reached 700 million gallons.

NBB’s U.S. Production Capacity (Sept ’08) - There were 176 biodiesel firms with an annual production capacity of 2.61BGY, with 39 companies constructing 849.9MGY in additional plants. Only 460MG were sold in 2007.

EBB Production by Country (‘08) - Production capacity in the EU was 508MGY in 2008, with 181MG produced in 2007. The EU was led by Germany with 168MGY capacity and 92MG in production.

UW-Madison - Global Comparison of National Biodiesel Production Potential (Oct ‘06) - Found there is a global potential biodiesel capacity of 13.5BGY spread over 119 countries, with soy and palm oil making up 42% of the feedstock. 13.5BGY would only replace 4 to 5% of global petroleum use. Of the top 10 producing countries, which make up 80% of potential capacity, only Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines can produce below $2.00/gal., which lowers the capacity to 6.1BGY.

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