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Anaerobic Digester: DIY

Process        Inputs & Outputs

Project Information
The best breakdown of how to build an anaerobic digester we have found is from the Sante Fe (Costa Rica) Women’s Club. The site contains detailed text, a material list and pictures showing how to build an anaerobic digester from start to finish for roughly $300. This system in similar to the professionally designed systems, however this uses the biogas as a fuel for stoves, not as a source of electricity generation.

A far less detailed and complex system can be found on Howtopedia. If you are planning to build a system as a way to generate methane, I would suggest building a system similar to the one above as it has more safety mechanisms.

System Guidebooks
AgSTAR Handbook on how to develop biogas technology at a commercial farm.

The Economics and Feasibility of Electricity Generation using Manure Digesters on Small and Mid-size Dairy Farms

Dairy Waste Anaerobic Digestion Handbook

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