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Anaerobic Digester: Who's Involved

This list contains designers and developers of anaerobic digesters. It does not include companies who manufacture liners or covers.

A.O. Smith Harvestore
Agri-Biosystems, Inc.
Agrin, LLC
Agri-Waste Technology, Inc.
Agway Farm Research Center
American Biogas Company, Inc.
Andgar Corporation
Andigen, LC
Applied Technologies, Inc.
ARTI Biogas
BioEnergy Solutions, Inc.
Biogas Nord AG
Bio-gas of Colorado
Bruckner, Inc.
Cascade Earth Sciences
Cavanaugh & Associates
Clear Horizon, LLC
Cow Power, Inc.
Cyclus Envirosystems, Inc.
DGW & Associates
DL-tech, Inc.
Dubara Company
Ecovation, Inc.
EnergiesDirect LLC
Entect Biogas GmbH
Environmental Management Group International, Inc.
Gesellschaft für Biogas und Umwelttechnik mbH (GBU)
GHD, Inc.
Hadley and Bennett, Inc.
Ho-Chunk, Inc.
Inland Empire Utilities Agency
Intrepid Technology and Resources, Inc.
Komro International, LLC
Microgy, Inc.
NOVI Energy
Orgo Systems, Inc.
RCM International, LLC
Resource Conservation Management, Inc.
Richard Waybright
Saratoga Biogas
Sharp Energy, Inc.
Sintex Industries Limited
Stanley A. Weeks, LLC
Stearns & Wheeler, Inc.
Team Ag, Inc.
Tetra Tech, Inc.
Tiry Engineering
Triveni Group
WELtec BioPower GmbH
Williams Engineering Associates
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